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Wifi of Fuji and Canon S10+ issues

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Hello everybody I have a really strange issue with my S10+.

I am a photographer and I like to transfer my shots to my phone. 

Since i have my s10+ I am not able to do it.

With the Huawei and my iPhone everything works fine. 


So that my problem. 

Typically I open the transfer mode of my camera and connect with my phone to the broadcasted wiki of the camera. Then i start my camera app to connect and download my photos. 

After connecting to the camera wifi I get a notification that no internet is available on this network, which is legit, because it is my camera XD.

When i try to use the app now it can not connect to my camera. 


I have disabled wifi protection, tried forced reboot and factory reset of my phone. 

I have the issue with my Sony fujifilm and canon app.


Hopefully you have an idea, I don't have some anymore.


Kind regards 


This is a strange one, @Krie9er. Are you still having the issue?

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