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Why not make all the phones same?


@Adem1 wrote:

Well, I don't know, but I feel bad about not having a strong chip as US users. It's strange how Samsung doesn't make identical devices like Apple for every market, worldwide... They don't even put device name on the back here in Croatia. 

I'm even not able to use the US forums or get any help because I'm from Europe. So US users are better than we are?

I like Samsung, but I feel like we '' international '' users are being treated like a lesser species.

Well yeah I have to add that some US carriers have been late with the '' Night '' mode in the camera update and other and that Exynoss chips have been stronger before.


Well you do realize that the devices made for the U.S. market are single sim only, yes?  So Samsung isn't treating the people in the U.S. the same either.


Further, you can join the U.S. forum and even post/respond. Yes, you can get help from the U.S. forum, do you understand how the forums work? Even a little bit......  I'm on both, as I have the International device but live in the States.


If one had taken even a brief read of the U.S. forums one wouldn't want the Snapdragon as Samsung borked that device terribly. They are several months behind on updates, many devices were recalled and replaced because of hardware issues/failures. They are having more software issues then we are with the exynos chip. Becareful what you wish for as the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the hill.


The international versions are getting updates at least monthly, so not sure how you can say we're being treated "lesser".  Though both devices are having networking issues.


Who cares about the name on the back of the device, seriously???? I have a case on my phone, who see's it? And even if you don't have case, not sure who you think you're impressing.


You are literally on at least a dozen postings complaining about everything under the sun, why did you even buy the device? And since you're this unhappy about everything including things that were well known doing a simple search before purchase I'm unclear as to why you just didn't return the device.  It's almost getting to the point where you're spamming the board.


I have my issues with this device, mainly the poor networking issues and the fact they have loaded this device with a lot of bloatware. Those are issues, the fact they didn't put the name on it isn't in the top million of things that are issues.


Well, thanks for the info, I didn't know about those issues.


No need to be rude, not at all, I wish you'd take back what you've said. 


I have no intentions to spam, I'm just focusing on annoying details also that aren't on a level for a device that costs that much. Everyone has their own opinions, you have no need to be rude and mean towards me. 

I've been on the U.S. forums but I can't access them anymore. 

Thank you for the help!
On my S10+!
As for complaints, they're actually a feedback.
It's just strange that Samsung doesn't put name of the phone on all phones, not just U.S. variants. It's not just for bragging, but for the equality and ability to differeate one device from another since they're all glass and metal sandwiches.

You can post your issues, you're free to do so, I post my concerns, feedback of all kinds, suggestions for a better Samsung.
Before I've asked why isn't there a Samsung gaming option to stop the use of internet for other apps rather than one app, and I've mentioned the " Opera Max " app,a service which does that. Guess what, it's now owned by and called Samsung Max.
They're taking the feedback, using it to better the devices.
If I didn't care about this brand I wouldn't buy it at the first place. It only angers me when it costs so much but has issues (like all phones do).
Thank you for the help!
On my S10+!
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