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Why does usb do this every time i connect to it

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I have the same issue, I am running the Android 10 Beta with One UI 2.0

I have yet to confirm this works but it look like it should.
-You must turn on Developer Options and open them
-Tap on the "Networking" heading tap on the "Default USB configuration" it should have the universal usb symbol in front of it.
-You will get the list that always shows up when you plug your phone into your vehicle. Select "Charging phone only" and I believe that will set it as the default. Hopefully this will eliminate the annoying message.
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Did you find a fix for this yet? I am having the same issue. It started after an update and it does this on any device the phone assumes is a PC. My computer USB port, My car USB port, etc. On a wall charger it works fine and charges fast, but any other "intelligent" USB plug it assumes i want to transfer data and it does not charge. Let me know if you found a solution please and i will do the same. 


Thank you!

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