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Whatsapp notifications not working (late or only when I open the app)


I keep getting notifications on my Whatsapp very late or some times not at all (untill I decide to open the app). Also some times if the Whatsapp notifications decide to show up they dont make any sound. (restarting the device fixes it but still this is a problem).
I tried:
1. App -> special access -> turned off the battery optimisation for whatsapp

2. Excluded Whatsapp from the memory optimisation RAM (in Device Wellbeing)

3. Whatsapp is allowed to run in foreground. (data saver is off)

4. Tampered with internal notification settings of the phone and in app settings inside WhatsApp.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

New Member

I have the same problem. I tried all the methods mentioned online to fix notifications, and still happens. It also happens with the Slack app I have installed in my work profile.


Pretty frustrating considering this is the flaship phone of the company

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