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What temps are you getting on your device?




I recently got my S10e. I feel like it runs warm/hot under normal and low load. For example after a simple system patch I got 38 degrees on battery and 63 degrees on cpu. It got notably warm on the back side, side and on the display.


What are you experiences on your S10 devices regarding temps. Do you feel like it gets too warm under normal usage?What temps are you getting? I used AnTuTu to check temps, maybe there is an internal samsung app for checking this I am not sure.

My old phone, a XZ1 compact never got that warm under normal load.

AndrewL Moderator
@Sakazuki: As the Galaxy S10e has a slim design and uses a high performance CPU you may notice the operating temperature of the device increase; this may be dependent upon the number of apps and background services in use. This is normal and should not affect your device's lifespan or performance.
- All Samsung Mobile devices have been manufactured observing the International Safety Specification (EN563)
- Whilst using the device in a high ambient temperature you may feel it gets hotter than usual. This is because your device will work within a temperature range relevant to the ambient temperature.

If you are concerned then please attempt the following energy saving tips in an effort to reduce the overall operating temperature.
- Enable Power Saving mode
- Reduce your screen brightness (or enable auto-brightness)
- Switch off GPS, WiFi and Mobile data when not in use
- Disable or shut down any applications when not in use.
- Delete any recently installed 3rd party applications
Helping Hand

Average 36 C to 40 max.

Helping Hand

@StellarTraveler wrote:

Average 36 C to 40 max.

Getting 33 to 40 and 41 when charging and then stablizes cooler.

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