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What happened to Alarm ability to "Gradually increase volume"?

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+1 . Crazy they removed this! The S10 features so far feel beta compared to my old S7. Tempted to return it and just use my old phone.
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Wait, I'm getting the opposite problem. I have the gradual volume increase but it actually causes me to sleep through the alarm, and I don't know how to change it


Guys, It is too complex for Samsung programmers to give us this (in old times basic) feature.

We need more restrictions instead - more music volume limiting which should protect our ears (go ***** yourself!!). Less menu options everywhere, because they know better than users and all people are the same, so why put more options.

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I know this has been gone for a while, but it's still irritating me. We have had that function for years. Why take it away now? It feels like Samsung is just determined to turn into Apple.

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Its jan and my new a70 scared the living daylights out of me... Google clock it is. Might even buy some product directly from an ad just to spite Samsung!
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