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What do you think about the Galaxy S10?


How long you had s9? I m trying to justify if I need the s10 I've had s9 6 months!oh the dilemma Haha 

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Superuser I
Known issue haha! And I even had the chance to play with it myself thanks to my Internet Provider.
I had the Galaxy S9+ since launch and I'm personally waiting for the note 11. I do however know that if I had to buy a new one... It would be the S10
Sometimes you can get a great Trade-In deal and in such case, I would say: Go for it. My pockets are unfortunately not that deep so even if I'm an enthusiast myself, I'm required to skip this one myself.
In my case its quite silly, especially because I'm effectively selling the phone to people in some form of a first impression video.

I've had my S9 excatly a year, from when it was first launched in the UK.

I love taking photos, I've taken some fantastic photos with my S9 over the last year, really good quality thanks to the S9's superior camera.

The S10 comes with 5 cameras!  And is a further upgrade on the S9's already very good camera.

That's how I justify to myself that the S10 is worth upgrading to, even though my S9 is only a year old and works perfectly well.

Yes you're right it's a good phone I think thanks. Good luck with note 11.

Love it glad I upgraded 

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