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What are the Samsung House words? OneUI 2 Beta is coming...

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@Damo14, can you confirm a few details with us? 


- Share a screenshot of your error

- Where does this error occur  - during the registration process or when you attempt to update to the Beta software? 

- When did you register for the Beta programme? 


Thanks for getting back I'm on unlocked S10 plus, on the three network. Attached is the message I get when trying to enrole.Screenshot_20191028-092038_Samsung Members.jpg



Still receiving Server error message, please try later. I'm in UK..?? Should I

factory reset my phone??


I'm on EE network & this is what I get when I try to enrol. Screenshot_20191028-104818_Samsung Members.jpg


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i get the same error. also i am in the uk on EE


I still haven't got the beta I'm still getting server error I'm on a factory unlocked s10 with BTU?.

Are you network locked? @Kay9
I think so.... Does it need to be network unlocked?
Yeah unlocked devices
Ohh OK..... So once unlocked can I access it
Have you tried flashing an unlocked firmware first go to xda and have a look how to do it
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