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Nobody else has a problem with their wifi??? I have 20-30+ visible networks in my area. All my other phones and PCs can see all visible networks in my area. Not my galaxy phone. I downloaded WIFI Connection Manager. It can see all available networks the phone can't see, but it can't connect to any of them. Pie/samsung? won't let Wifi Conneciton manager app connect to any network, week or strong. Phone has complete control. Normally any of my phones can connect to 20+% signal strength network. It won't be fast but it's better than nothing if i'm too far awar from AP. Not my s10 phone. I went to the store to test other s phones on display. Same thing. Even s9's seemed the same. Did not pick up all available networks in store. My LG phones picked up many networks in the store, with or without Wifi Manager app. S10 phones picked up few. It doesn't seem to be hardware issue but it's whatever samsung does to cripple the hardware with software. I rely on wifi, not data. Samsung better push a fix very soon or i'll return this overpriced overrated POS. 

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