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Volume down & power button frustrations

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Being  left handed  and trying press the power button is really annoying as I seem to constantly  take screenshots  . Grrrrr 


Surly this would be a simple fix for Samsung to release a software update to give us the option to disable the feature . As I seem to be filling up my Google photos of 30+ screenshots daily . :( 


What's everyone else's thoughts  on this 


Fellow s10+ user  



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Superuser I

A good idea @Gilly06 


Maybe use the Samsung Members App  / Samsung + app to give this feedback too.


There's also a Community-Feedback Thread.



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Have you  tried downloading SoftKey edge from the Galaxy store. Once installed you can press the lock screen key on the app instead of using the power button. Works for me (fellow left hander).

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Oh I'll do that thanks
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I' it and give it a try thanks

They should make a phone for us left handers lol

Have the buttons swapped lol
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