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Vodafone Pre order - Ear bud redemption

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Hi just wondering if anyone knows how to get proof of purchase from a pre order placed on the vodafone online chat? I received an order confirmation via email but it just states the order number not the actual details of the order! Thanks

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You have to contact Vodafone for that,

What you could do is merge the documents (Order confirmation & Order details) as long they have the same number and are submitted at once it should be OK
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See thats my problem i only have the order number in the confirmstion email, nothing to actually show the details! Think ill have to just contact vodafone! Thanks 

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I only got a text message and no order number, so I did the obvious and called vodaphone, they are filling out a form thus acts as your receipt, proof of purchase and then they email it to you, but I'm not sure if you can return the handset under the voda 30 day approval if you claim the ear buds so be aware, hope this helps. Mark

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Thanks, i filled in a form online, i couldnt get through last night to cs! Just wait and see how it goes!
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I had this issue. I spoke to Vodafone and they basically raised an insurance/repair claim for my phone and then sent over the details document, That contains the purchase date, Order number and IMEI,


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