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VoLTE and VoWiFi problem on S10e


Hi there,

I have a new S10e from Three network in uk. I can't make the VoWiFi work at all and VoLTE only works when I'm making a call and not when someone calls me.

I confirmed with Three customer service twice that both options are enabled on my account and they are also enabled on my phone. I even tried factory reset but with no success. The phone comes directly from three so this should not be an issue.

I'm just feeling hopeless. 


Funny enough when I used a spare BT sim card everything worked like is should.


Any ideas?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Mrclius 


Just to confirm, @Mrclius, with the BT SIM card in your S10e, are these services working exactly as you'd expect them to work?


That is correct. With BT sim card everything works as expected. When I put my Three UK sim card back in it goes back to nothing except HD calls when I make a call but it goes back to SD calls when the same person calls me back. Wifi calling doesn't work at all. When I put my Three sim card into any other phone it's the same result. 

Three customer service assured me a few times that both VoLTE and VoWiFi are enabled on my account. I am now waiting for a replacement sim card, could this possibly fix the issue?

First Poster

Hi Mrclius,


If you go to settings, then about phone, then software information, can you show what you have under the Service Provider SW ver entry.


It shows XEU/XEU,XEU/H3G

My VoLTE and WiFi Calling now works. Turned out to be a network issue and not the phone itself.

ChrisM Moderator

Glad you got it sorted, @Mrclius. Thanks for letting us know!

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