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Using full screen while streaming video

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I know this question has been asked for gaming apps, but I am wondering how to use the entire screen when watching videos. I'm specifically looking at sport streaming apps, like ESPN or CBS sports network. I know you can pinch to zoom in on YouTube but I haven't found any solution with other apps. Changing the app setting to full screen doesn't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


I have found most apps do not play in Full Screen even when I have them selected to do so!  Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, FIOS none play in Full Screen.  They all stop at what I would call the ends my S7 had with buttons and leave the edges all black.  I find it that I like it much less than how my S7 displayed items.  What it the fix????


the same happens also for video streaming on samsung browser.
If i try to stream an online video in full screen i cannot see it in full screen, i have an a40

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