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Hi when Setting up my new phone last night a message popped up saying that there was an urgent software update available I was in the process of downloading everything to my phone and when I got around to checking for the update it states my software is update with the February security update has anyone else had this? 

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Mine did the March security update last night. All good. Has March 1st on Android security patch level now. 

Ok Is your phone unlocked I got mine direct with o2 so I presume its locked haven't tried another sim card maybe I'll get the update at some point today I know the note 9 I had on o2 had the March update and that was through o2 so maybe its coming
Im really starting to get dismayed with Samsung. I have been an avid user of the S6 Edge, S7, S8 Plus, S9 Plus and now the S10 Plus. Dont get me wrong I love the latest phone. The camera and Battery are phenomenal I dont have to have it sitting charging all day. My batter lasts way way better. I also have the P20 Pro and that too is a good phone but Galaxy S10+ is just way way better. My dismay is with their admin. People who validated later than me are getting their DX delivery dates. Im still waiting

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same versions as mine

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