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Upgraded to S10 and now gallery won't sync to Cloud

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Hello all,


I just upgraded from an S9 to the S10. I've changed my gallery save location to internal storage but the gallery won't sync to my existing Samsung Cloud. It says 'syncing' then after about 15-25 minutes just says 'sync failed try again later'.


Previously whenever I took a photo it would just plonk it straight on the cloud. Is this a known issue? Could it be because I have two albums called 'Camera' now? (The old camera gallery from my previous S9 which is backed up on the cloud and the new Camera album which it created when I moved to internal storage.)


Any help would be appreciated!

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Gallery wont sync from internal, only sdcard.

thats where photos are before a backup.

I assure you switching to default location storage it will sync and backup.

or remove samsung account on device and add again and try again.

OR long press gallery and look in storage, then clear cache and data and then reopen gallery and set it up again.

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