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Upgrade program s10 plus


Dear Samsung
I have been a member of your upgrade program for many years and have always been a great supporter for samsung products.
I have just been told that I cannot receive a blue s10 plus to replace my current s9 plus blue.....
I am told it is not available to your loyal customers and if I want one I must pay for it in a different manor which means I can't swap my phone this year.... I would like to know why a company like samsung feels this is the correct action to take.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Have you been told why you cannot have the colour of choice @Chels3a  ?



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that it wasnt avalible on the upgrade program ... this was the same day O2 told the world they had exclusive rights to the blue version.

Samsung uk tweeted me yesturday and told me I could have one so I phoned the number and gess what you cant have one......

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