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Upgrade Programme: Lost phone

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I'm struggling to find an answer to this already so here goes...


I had an S10e on the Upgrade Programme which was recently stolen. When it comes to upgrading next year, would they accept a S10e with a different IMEI from the original? Does one need to inform them of the new IMEI or the fact that the original was lost and replaced via insurance? Do they even check it? Would the device need to be the same colour etc.?


Any insight would be great a



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The phone supplied to you will I assume have had its imei and serial number logged so they'd be expecting that one back.


Your going to need to phone your Samsung Support Department and ask them if they'd accept another s10 in its place @emmkuu1 



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They wont accept an alternative phone ... ove lost my note 9 and tried to sent it.

They sent it back to me I had to pay 12 months of payment to settle the account

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