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Upgrade Program S10+ upgrade - not sure how to return my S9

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I have just upgraded to their S10+ via the upgrade program, but have not received any information on how to retun my S9+. 

I seem to recall it was pretty simple to do (it was when I upgraded from the S8 to the S9+), but I'm a bit concerned I have heard nothing from either Klarma or Samsung .  Can anyone shed any light on this?


Much appreciated.

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I got nothing either, but a few days after the phone arrives, you should receive an envelope and label in the post to return it in
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I haven't seen anything like that in the post and I received my S10 on the 8th March.


Does anyone know who to contact to arrange a return of my I contact Klarna or Samsung???



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Hi guys. This thread from the highlighted post onwards might be useful for you.


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