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(Un)Official "Suggestion Thread" (S10 Variants, Galaxy Watch and Buds)

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I'm back from a Hiatus. You can also add this bloody nuisance:

*Remove the Music from slow-mo videos by default. Make it possible to add it after if required by user


Here's the problem with the phones turning on in the pocket.


Apparently both the AoD and the fingerprint sensor will turn on if they're touched by skin even through one layer of average thickness clothing (shirt, t-shirt, etc.) which is why they can turn on (and often time will) inside a pocket if the display is facing the body. Through 2 layers of clothing it no longer seems to work.


The proximity sensor doesn't seem to trigger a response to this even though it most likely can. When the proximity sensor senses darkness and, more importantly, that something is "touching" it it should not let the AoD and the fingerprint turn on. This is a software thing and I'm sure that it's easy to implement.


Currently I only have AoD on and double tap to wake is off as this way even if the display will turn on at least it's only going to be the AoD and just the screen as well (not to mention that it won't push buttons around and potentially mess things up).


I still have to keep the phone's display opposite to the body otherwise it'll still trigger, both the AoD and the fingerpring scanner which might think that it has to scan a fingerprint.


The only few times when I got an accidental touch protection message was when a palm was touching the side of the phone while holding it with both hands. It doesn't seem to help with anything else, sadly.

25w charging on the s10 plus ?

Hi there, is there any feedback on the large number of posts concerning the camera quality in low light, not night mode, just low light indoors.

It seems all of the effects are in fact reducing quality rather than improving, e.g. HDR always on even when toggled off.

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Hi @doc1964 ,


None of the error reports relating to S10 camera performance have yielded any useful info so far as far as I’m aware. :( The developers have told us that they need the original photo files taken by a device in each instance for analysis though.


There’s a thread on the Note10 board here, where some users have speculated that the smaller aperture in both the Note10 and S10 is responsible for the blurriness in low-light; and have shared some tips on how to get the best out of the equipment as regards that.


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Thank you for taking the time to reply, I do appreciate it.

What is really frustrating is that this phone was advertised as having a top notch camera, almost professional standards, great in all situations, but now this is shown to be false.

So many reports now of the poor quality, I honestly expected a massive improvement in all modes over my previous S8.

I am currently on holiday and taking loads of pictures in bars and clubs and many of them are terrible compared to the S8.

I realise the development team may want real life examples sent to them but I would suggest they simply go for a night out and take the phone with them, snap loads of pictures and study them to see the low quality shots.

I will honestly never buy another Samsung product as I feel as if they have hugely exaggerated the cameras capabilities but more worryingly think it is worrying that a product 2 stages past what I am comparing it to has in fact got worse. (S10 v S8)

Thank you again for replying to me, cheers.

  1. Fix the s10 and s10e fuzzy camera picture quality. (see the thread
  2. Enable "reachability" function where the screen drops down so you can reach the top part of the screen more easily. (how Apple iPhone does it by double tapping the home button)


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