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(Un)Official "Suggestion Thread" (S10 Variants, Galaxy Watch and Buds)


When you get a notification the edge lighting will light up and then every 10 seconds after the halo around the camera becomes the notification led so we can have the cool effect of the edge lighting coupled with the return of the notification led , not one or the other .




1. Snapdragon chips for everyone

2. Dont release a phone that suffers from a proximity bug, this tech has been out for years and you guys messed it up, still not fixed either.

3. Fix the bugs!

4. Wireless roaming, phone doesnt switch between access points that are configured in the correct way. My iPhone  from 3 years ago could do it, why cant a Samsung phone?

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I have the single most important suggestion for Samsung, Replace those pesky S10+ phones,  dont offer to repair,  simpley replace and get your customer base back on side before the Fold come to the UK. Ironic that a compay with so many phone issues comes out with the Galaxy Fold,  does this mean the Galaxy range is going to fold?

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Can Some one Help me Some Sports Blogs are not working in S10 i dont know why Like this one i shall try too much but its not working 


On my older S7Edge you had:

  • the equaliser - with presets and custom modes
  • UHQ upscaler
  • Surround
  • Tube Amp Pro
  • Concert hall
  • adapt surround.

All you have in S10+ is Atmos, either on or off.  It does say that some other effects won't be avaible when turned on, but there are no other effects to begin with anyway.  So maybe this is a erroneous omission?


I find the custom equaliser settings difficult to adjust accurately.  Is there any way where you can implement a way to select a specifc frequency using left/right arrows on screen and then make adjustments to the selected frequency incrementally using up/down arrows?  It's just that i keep selecting the wrong frequency and then unable to make accurate adjustments; my fingers are far from fat, so it's not that.

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Regarding the S10e :


Why does this marvelous piece of technology not support something as basic as emoji predictions?

All of my previous sony devices (I'm talking like 3+ years ago) were able to do this. Every phone I know of right now can do this. This thing has two cameras, a battery life that blows my previous sony out of the water, but I have to go look for a friggin fire emoji? 

Dudes. I don't even know where 90% of these things are because I HAVE NEVER HAD TO LOOK FOR THEM. A thread was made in early 2018 describing this exact problem. Supposedly you guys were "going to get on it asap". 

Come on man. This really is kind of a mess up. 

Please fix this.




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@Enigma80 : I asked the developers about the sound effect options, and the non-availability message when in Atmos. Short(ish) answer is that for Pie/One UI they streamlined the sound effect options in SoundAlive to make it more efficient and the UI simpler: Dolby Atmos (for immersive surround sound); Equalizer (with 5 presets, including a 9 band custom equaliser); UHQ Upscaler; Adapt Sound (for a personalised sound profile). The non-availability message when in Atmos mode appears to be redundant (at least currently), as the developers advised that all the audio effects run regardless.


In any case, the developers are considering your suggestion regarding the frequency control interface. They didn't confirm whether it'd be for the S10 range or a future model though.

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