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(Un)Official "Suggestion Thread" (S10 Variants, Galaxy Watch and Buds)

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Not sure what it's like elsewhere in the world, but Google's UK advanced replacement approach is amazing. Any issue with the phone (as long as covered by warranty) involves them sending you a replacement, and you sending the faulty one back.


They put a charge on the card you use to make sure you're legit, but that's taken off as soon as the faulty phone has gone back to Google via the prepaid shipping label and been processed on their side. Had a Nexus 5, 6p and Pixel 2XL and (unfortunately) had to utilise this warranty replacement approach a few times, but each time has been seamless, quick and painless.


If Samsung (considering its impressive size as a company) had this approach, it'd make a HUGE difference to it's customers.


Sending the phone off for repair and having to wait without a backup these days is quite simply unacceptable.

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Firmware update needed to fix the issue when galaxy buds have direct sunlight on them, they beep all the time (connected sound).

S10 + (G975F/DS)

1. They need a software fix for the Wifi and LTE. It does not switch automatically to the next known router for wifi instead wants to sit on the weaker signal over going to the stronger signal. This happens as well with the LTE bands. The device refuses to switch to a stronger LTE band and will persist squatting on the weaker band. They have the threshold set entirely too high as to when the device switches. This is actually a very easy software fix and would eliminate many complaints about service.

2. Edge lighting should work on the lock screen for notifications. I find it incredible that in 2019 this device does not have any sort of LED or using the Edge light for notifications/missed notifications. The complaints about across forums globally is mind boggling that a software fix has not been rolled out. This is a basic functionality of any device and there is zero excuse as to why it wasn't coded in. Whoever made the decision not to put this basic element in should be fired immediately.

3. My device is unlocked, I want to be able to Uninstall NOT disable ALL apps I don't want. ie: Facebook, Linkedin, Bixby, etc. This behavior of forcing us on unlocked devices to have these nonsensical apps is ridiculous in particular FB and Linkedin. Disabling is not the same as uninstall.

Improve the camera software on the S10/S10+ because these photos are terrible in low and unnatural light. A marriage between hardware, software and AI, like Google do with the Pixel, would be amazing.


Or at the very least, let us install the Google Camera app from the Good Play store!


0/ finally fix proximity sensor to stop pocket waking when smartlock on (wearing detection, bluetooth devices)


1/ some kind of light notifications (missing LED substitute) - for example AOD on when active notification (for unlimited or user selected time!!)


2/ double tap to sleep support


3/ possibility to uninstall unwanted apps (Bixby, Facebook, McAfee etc.)


4/ ringer increasing volume (hello we are in 2019!!) - now I must make my own melody which has increasing level of sound



I have to say, the latest May update installed on my S10 and the photos are quite simply still.......absolutely rubbish.


Don't even get me started on "night" mode as that is a whole new level of junk.


At this stage, I am just resigning myself to the fact that Samsung are unable to fix the camera in the S10's and are so far behind the game now I don't think they can recover from that. Their competitors leap-frogged them in the camera department, not sure if Samsung just got complacent, lazy or whatnot but it is a sad show to see them comprehensively smashed in a department that they used to be lauded for.


First phone I have ever had that is a "meh" device and I am now just biding my time until Google produce the Pixel 4 which I think we all know is going to utterly destroy this phone given that the 3 is already doing this.

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@KillYourIdols , Received an update from the developers about this one:



  • Swipe up/Down Touchpad options possible?

Seems that developers tried this out on some volunteers. They found that swipe up/down option was indeed useful, but it also was annoying the test users due to "unexpected operation" (as they put it), so they ultimately decided on not implementing it.


Other than letting us know that volume can be controlled through Touch and Hold options they didn't say anything beyond that. Reading between the lines, though, I wonder if the usefulness of the option will give them some thought on the challenge to implement the general concept in a future product that doesn't have peeps saying variations of "No, no, no! I didn't want it to do that!" :thinkingface:


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It wasn't posted in this thread, but I enquired about the Buds volume control/output waaay back when I saw this post and this one. The developers have now got back to me with: 


"For the latest models, media volume sync is provided by default, so earbud volume control is easily available on the phone.


For the next model, we will consider the method for easy volume control on the earbud."


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Galaxy watch


Sell genuine silicone straps for the 46mm in both medium AND large sizes, not just medium.


Are the developers working on and telling you anything about the important stuff like fixing the networking issues? Or are they ignoring this and worried about gestures?

I find it a bit incredible at this point considering all the complaints across forums that this is not being acknowledged and addressed.

First Samsung in years, and have to say not impressed with their behavior in acknowledging/ fixing known issues. For as bad as Asus is in rolling out updates, they at least pull themselves together to fix networking issues and roll out a fix asap.

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