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Turn off system sound when switch to sound mode

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Hello, is there a way to turn off system sound when tou switch from vibrate or mute mode to sound mode?

AntS Moderator

Hi @Sam1989999


Settings > Sounds and vibration > Volume > System - and slide the slider down.


You can also go into 'System sounds and vibration' and toggle off/on the various options.


Let us know if this was what you were after. 


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Hi, if that would be that easy I wouldn`t be writing, or this is some error for my phone or me


This happens when I tap between modes see in picture, and then there is that sound which I can`t turn off.



AndrewL Moderator
@Sam1989999: If you go to Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Volume, and move the Ringtone slider all the way to the left, this will disable the notification sound when you switch between Mute and Volume, as above. You can quickly access the Volume settings by tapping the Volume Up or Down button on the right side of the phone and swiping down on the pop up bar. Hope this helps.
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