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Transferring photos from phone to tablet

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What's the easiest way to upload my photos from my phone to the galaxy tab s6?? I presumed when taking a photo on my phone it would automatically upload to the tablet just like apple devices? 

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I use DropBox @Kirron 


I have this downloaded on my N10+ and Samsung Galaxy Tab A but this more of an back up just in case.


I have my sync settings On and as such when I take a photo on my N10+ it's also on my Galaxy Tab.


Check your settings please.





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Both DropBox and Google Photos are useful. They're quite straight forward, and simple to use. Like @BandOfBrothers has advised, make sure Sync is on in Settings, and you're good to go.
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If both of them in your hands, the easiest way to transfer your photos from your phone to the galaxy tab s6 is using mobile transfer tool. After linking them to computer via usb cable or wifi, mobile transfer tool will scan them. Data like app, contacts, sms, music, photos, videos, books, call logs will be showed on main interface. Then you can choose photos to transfer direcely.

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