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The audio cuts out intermittently

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Audio drops out every so often n then drops back in randomly or not sometimes! I have tp press a button to wake it up. Thought it was a bluetooth issue at first but it does it when listening to anything! Have tried clearing the data and cache via app permissions for bluetooth and still it continues. Any ideas?? 


What is your setup? Do you use headphones with 3.5 mm jack, headphones with USB-C, any amplifier?

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My set up S10 so kind of irrelevant, but thanks.
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I have the exact same problem, it's only now and again, more than often happens when I have headphones in but also happens playing music or podcasts through the phone speaker too. Did you happen to find the cause of this yet? Its pretty frustrating.

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Hey all.


What apps are you using when the audio cuts out? 


Check out your sleeping apps. These apps don't run in the background, and so if your phone is put to sleep, the audio from these apps will cut out. Head to Settings > Device Care > Battery > More (3 dots top right) > Settings > Sleeping Apps. If the app that seems to be cutting out is there, then remove it and try again. 

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