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Still not received my Samsung Galaxy Buds after 117 day's



My claim was validated 117 days ago but still haven't received my Samsung Galaxy Buds & just keep getting told lies and to WAIT 

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That's poor !


I've read posts from others saying Samsung have advised a batch of Buds went missing at the couriers.


That and demand has outstripped supply.


I bought the Samsung Black Galaxy Buds which were shipped to me the next day. I'm in the UK.


Maybe Samsung should start offering the Black or Yellow Buds if the White versions are not in stock. Just my own private opinion.


What have you been told ?



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Samsung Note 9 Model: SM-N960 Dual Hybrid 512Gb_ Samsung One Ui / Pie.

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Hi thank you for you'r reply, this is the latest email back from Samsung, it's the first one I have received that has more than 5/6 lines if sentences, after 30 day's I contacted them & have emails & recorded phone calls of them saying that they had a unexpected number of people take up the offer & it would take 10 more days for them to be sent so the weren't sent within 30 day's, nothing but lies & just basically told to wait, I have even asked for a voucher to get them myself but wont do it, saying that my new delivery attempt was sent on the 24th of June & was being sent as high priority, 14 day's ago, I got my phone the next morning after it was sent, the amount of excuses & lies & mistakes is unbelievable, 


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