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To whom it may concern, 

I am a loyal and long time serving customer of Samsung. Samsung seems to tick all boxes every year with the launch of every flagship phone however, since the front facing wide angle cameras have been introduced...the snapchat front facing camera is absolutely horrific. It is very up close, you have to have a very long arm to get a decent picture. The phone is retailed just under £1000 and has all round been a very good release. I am a s10+ user but I am very upset with this problem. I speak on behalf of many Samsung users. Can you please take appropriate action as thousands if not millions of snapchat users own a Samsung and I think action needs to be taken as this could potentially result in losing a lot of customers. The camera is amazing off third party apps...but why is it disgusting whilst in use of a third party app? With all due respect I absolutely admire the design, the normal use of camera, feel of the phone and every other aspect but, I have noticed many Samsung users have emailed whilst others have tweeted about this problem but, no appropriate action or reply has been given to the customers. I am aware that Samsung looks after their customers and listens to what the people want and I believe this is something we need to fix. 

I look forward to hearing from you, 

The above message was sent to the CEO of Samsung. I was advised to also connect with the Samsung members page regarding this problem.

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