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Smart Lock issue after recent update on Galaxy S10+

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I've tried every option from resetting my location in smart Lock, to turning location off in Google Location services and nothing lasts.  As well, now I am having issues with the smart Lock recognizing Bluetooth devices as well.. this has just recently started with the latest update.  Every update only makes things worse. Smart Lock is a great feature and a safety feature when driving. I have a windshield mount and when I need to open my phone, I reply on smart Lock. It's now becoming a safety concern and a pain

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Superuser I

Sometimes if a phone isn't behaving as it should after an update these procedures occasionally work @BenGraham13 


1. Turn the phone Off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phones system files and clear the cache.


If no joy then.......


2. Back up , remove any relevant Sd card and Factory reset.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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I am having the same issue. 

I had this issue with my S9 and it never could be resolved. When I upgraded, the S10 worked wonderfully until this latest update. I hope they fix it very soon. 

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Same issue for me also.  Works sometimes and doesn't work other times.  Very inconsistent since android 10 update for my s10+. 

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