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Sending galaxy s9+ back to samsung


Sent mine back Monday and they received it Tuesday but I haven't received an email yet.


Thanks guys much appreciated I will call them tomorrow Lisa I assume you haven't recieved a pack yet either? 


Tbh I have more chance of winning the Euromillions than getting Samsung support on the other end of a phone 


I have the number for MTR. Samsung Support told me to ring them - 0333 207 9676, and no haven't received any pack but was told not to worry as from tomorrow their T&C's say 14 days to return. 


Thank you that's great, I will call them tomorrow


Thanks for the advice much appreciated 

Received an email today saying my trade in was complete.
Same for me mate. So, the case is close now, I guess. 😀.

@lisafox16 wrote:

Phoned MTR today. Due to the demand for the new phones they have changed the T&C's to 14 days for return of phones and that return bags are being sent out at present. Didn't know you had to pay postage though! Will take photos before I send it off now though. 

I got free postage 24 hour tracked special delivery. 


There were 2 labels , that one is only insured up to around £150 (I think ) the other was up to £500

and you had to pay for it. 

It's not free the special delivery mate. It's an option. The only free service is the other one ( the standard postage). Read well what it said onto the special delivery label ( Special delivery, the sender pays the fees).
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Still havnt received my return pack, emailed them and they confirmed return time increased to 14 days.

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