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Sending galaxy s9+ back to samsung

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Hi hopefully someone can help just received my s10 today I can see a returns label in the box for dpd is this what I use to send my old s9+ back i am part of the upgrade program  


You will receive a separate pack through the post, mine came this morning.

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Thank you what does this pack look like I had a return label in the s10+ box but I'm guessing that's not for my old phone?
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Hi @Michaelolah . I can confirm what Balddevil said there. The DPD label is in the event of you needing/wanting to return your S10+ to the e Store.


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Thank you both so just wait for the returns labels and package to come through the post? O appreciate the help.

It comes in an envelope, with Samsung on the front, you definitely won’t miss it!

last year thy never sent me anything and it meant that i made more payments than i needed to on the old phone. Does samsung publish the adress we can send the phone to?

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yeah, i still have recived nothing to send back my old phone yet

Any reassurance would be appreciated

I am also in upgrade program
But , so far no returns pack received

my order did include the S10+ but also S9+ (free), I assume this is the only acknowledgment as to the trade in

cheer s

Worry Not 

pack recieved 

Phone sent 



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