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Screen unlock beep


Hi all , in the settings I have the  screen unlock sound off but I've been getting a random beep when I unlock the screen , anyone else have this irritating issue 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Edgie70 


Do you also have the 'Touch sound' set to off? Go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > System sounds and vibration > Touch sound > Toggle off.


Let us know how you get on.


Hi , yes touch sound is on but the unlock beep just stopped on its own bit like how it started 

First Poster

Think I'm getting the exact same annoying beep noise. Only happens when I unlock the phone. I have touch sounds and screen unlock sounds off...but it still persists!!

New Member

My phone is doing the exact same thing. I have turned off the sound for the lock sceen and the other suggestion that was put on here. Still the same beeping noise. It is very annoying. Some one please help.

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I turned off my NFC and it seems to have stopped. If you have any sort of contactless card next to your phone, that could be the problem 

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thanks this worked for me i had my gym id in the back case

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Turn off NFC and the sound will disappear. 

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Ok, so it looks like it is the NFC. Today I was using a new case with a credit card compartment. I got a new crypto currency crdeit card with an NFC chip in it and put it in the compartment with my travel ID as I flew accross the country. All day I was getting this beep sound when unlocking my phone with the fingerprint id. As soon as I removed the card, it stopped!!


I have a nfc card on the back of my phone , this totally stopped the beeping. Thanks!

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