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Samsung note 10+ gaming lag

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Good Day.


Recently I have been experiencing extreme lag when running games on the Samsung note 10+


I have run the games through game launcher and game booster with zero to little difference regarding the performance of this on all settings the games are still lagging and choppy 


This makes gaming fraustrating 


My note 5 with Andriod 7 runs games smoother currently,


Kindly advise if there is a fix to this issue 


Edit:Adding in a video of gameplay for more clarity


Thank you 


Hey @Zeref! Try these steps before starting gaming: press the Recent button on the bottom left, and close the apps you are not using. Also, go to: Settings > Device Maintenance > Optimize now and see if this helps.

Another thing to do would be to keep the Software updated by going to: Settings > Software Update > Download updates > Download Updates Manually. 

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