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Why song titles in samsung music are different than it should be eg lil skies i is called i know you, or lil pump essketit flex like ouu? how to change it

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Sometimes it can be the music app your using or how your uploading music onto your phone and its original source.


I use the Samsung Music App and use android transfer to put my music on my Samsung Note 9 and the track titles are correct @Młody_Bocian 



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Yes but my biggest critique of Android when it comes to music transfer is that. You dont have any freedom of customising or edditing the song information. On Itunes you can edit from composer to Album name and what not.
Here you are at the mercy of the internal discography server of Samsung Music. I cant apply Album Artwork to albums that for some reason dont have one ever since I uploaded it to my S10e via Android File Transfer app.

The method is very reminiscent of early era MP3 where the song shows on your mp3 screen like "Evanescence_01_320kbps_MyImmortal#01". Feel like you have zero saying in how the music is being categorised and unable to "fill in the missing info".
Same goes when you made a custom album (like a compilation album). And now the app doesnt recognise it since it sees the songs from that compilation as their own separate songs. (so instead of having Best of Summer 2017.. you will have 1 album from David Guetta, The Weekend and Sam Smith...)

Honestly I am a little bit surprised how Samsung didnt launch its own simple app for transferring pictures and music. Instead opted out for this very copy paste method.... basically treats your phone like a USB or HDD)
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