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Samsung claims they didn't receive my trade-in phone and I can't get through to them.


So I bought an S10 on the Samsung site and sent my (almost new, perfect condition) S8 back in the envelope they sent me (I packed it in its old box and wrapped that in bubble wrap). I used the Post Office's 24 hour signed for service, which cost me £7.40. I checked the tracking number a few days later and it showed up as delivered and signed for at the Samsung recycling centre the next morning. That was 2 weeks ago.


Yesterday I got a text message and an email saying they haven't received my S8. I've sent them several emails. No reply. I called the support line 3 times. I waited half an hour each time, and the call was dropped each time. I used the online chat, which put me through to the online shopping line. The connection was terrible, the lady didn't speak proper English, and she didn't understand what I wanted. Then she referred me back to the support line (see above). Then I contacted Samsung on Twitter. They're telling me to call the online shopping line.


Look. It's simple. I have PROOF that the phone was delivered. I have the tracking number (I've given it to every channel I contacted). Why is Samsung refusing to help me?


Hi , exactly the same with me , I got 2 texts and 2 emails off Samsung saying they had not received my trade in even though it had been signed for , eventually I thought I had better ring them and tell them , I got through to them , gave them my tracking number and they confirmed it had been received , then I got an email saying the process had been closed , when you get through to them you will definitely need your tracking number .

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