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Samsung S10E or Samsung S10

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I have just upgraded to an S10e that is getting delivered at the weekend.


I currently have an S8.


I have applied for the free AKG wirless headphones.


I beleive that you can get a smartwatch with the S10.


I am just hoping that I have made the right choice as I was going to go for the S10 but it was more expensive and I like the size of my S8 that is the same as the S10e.


What are everyones views ?





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In the end it's down to your own preferences and disposable income if a person is buying it outright @mpward1976 


What info i  compare is the specs and then watch YouTube videos of unboxing and reviews and then go have a play with the working retail models in the Samsung Experience Store or a Network Store.



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Whilst it is down to personal preferences/income, agree that research and hands on experience if possible will be a good guide.


Personally though think the S10 gives a better experience and suited my needs best in the S10 range. Main differences are  Quad  HD+  display  and 3rd rear camera on the  S10,enabling optical optical image stabilisation and autofocus.


S10 v S10e


S10 Range Pocket Lint




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