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Samsung S10 WhatsApp notifications help

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Looking for some help please. This is my first ever Samsung, always been an iPhone user. I've been playing around for hours trying to get the notifications the way I want. So on my lock screen, i want my WhatsApp notifications to show when i get a message, and the message itself, like how it does on the iPhone. Cant seem to do this and it's really starting to frustrate me. Can anyone please tell me the settings I need to use in the phones notifications and WhatsApp notifications to get this to work? 


Just go to settings, lock screen, tap notifications and then change the view style to what you want.


Ah - have re-read your question and see the issue. Have you tried setting up edge lighting for whatsapp? I *think* they show up for me with that...


Same here, the notifications do not light up the screen, which is very dum dum. Only notifications that light up the screen are SMS messages and calls... BUT WHY? 


I have the exact same problem, I'm a new Samsung user I have always had Iphone and I want my whatsapp notification to be the same. 


I get a message the screen is dark (since I have always on screen off ) it will not run on or light up it just stays dark. I have messed with settings and cant get it to work this is making me a bit mad and regret comming over to Samsung yes its something small and stupid but I still want it that way.

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Same situation. The black screen and the window message showing you every single whatsapp is driving me nuts! 


You could download Always on Edge app from Google play till Samsung brings in a fix. The app will sort your notifications. You can have Edge lighting or just the notch, whichever you prefer


Try holey light. It just use the light around your camera as notifications.  


@rockycarr wrote:

Same situation. The black screen and the window message showing you every single whatsapp is driving me nuts! 

Turn off popup notifications 


Hi all

I've just started to use holey light. No pop ups but a nice coloured light notification flashing around your front camera, it even works on the always on display back screen. 

Give it a go. 




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