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Samsung S10+ Galaxy Buds claim with pre order


Nope, neither are in my app...Samsung Members.jpg

I got mine through an on the main screen there is is, pre order S10e S10 or S10+ and claim your free Galaxy Buds, be aware though the process is lengthly, you will need your date of pre-order, Invoice or order number IMEI number and documentation ready to upload, only in PDF or JPG format. Lastly be aware, the small print states only white buds as part of the promotion! i contacted them saying ive done my pre-order but it says white, i wanted black;
"Thank you for your email.
We can confirm that your claim has now been validated, you should receive an email shortly with the details of validation.
The only colour available with this promotion is white, as per the terms and conditions.
If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us." It also can take upto 30 days FYI
Spanner ;-)
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@Lanfer01 wrote:

I think this is the correct link

It sure is for the Irish site

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Yep, found that out when I clicked on it. I am in the US and went to and watched the video for how to redeem it. For US it needs to be redeemed in the app. Download the Samsung Shop App, go to the Inbox and the steps to redeem the promotion are right there.


Page not found

The page you have requested could not be found

My email states:

Your Samsung claim has been successfully validated.
Your free Samsung Galaxy Buds (white) will be dispatched to the postal address you gave on your claim within the next 30 days by the courier DX:
Initially i got a blank screen, i assumed it was down to demand on their servers as plenty would be ordering these. I waited till midnight and BOOM mine were ordered.
surely you have ordered them now?
My claim has been "V A L I D A T E D"
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