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Samsung PLEASE FIX the LED cover case for s10

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The music controls that appear on the LED cover case have been a problem since the case was released and as yet, there has been no support or customisation options to help fix this.


Every time the case is closed the music controls activate and when placed in a pocket, the case will start skipping music or rapidly stopping and starting it. Any time tracks are skipped or paused using the galaxy buds, the case activates which is especially annoying if it's in a pocket.

As someone who listens to audiobooks a lot, this is doubly annoying as it regularly skips forward in the book whenever it's in my pocket.


The newest firmware update seems to have exacerbated the problem as now the music controls always remain on even when there is no music playing, requiring a force stop of the app or removing the case and reapplying it. Once a music app is opened however, the problem immediately returns.


Please implement a feature where users can turn off music controls or disable them for certain apps.

It's really disappointing spendingAU$100 on a case only to have to remove it when listening to music or audiobooks.

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The music control issue has been a pain for about a month now. Despite closing all music apps the controls still appear and cause music to play at very inconvenient times. I'm considering returning the case for a refund because it's clearly defective.


This broken 'feature' still exists as at 11 September. I can't believe it's taken so long and Samsung still hasn't solved it. The case is clearly defective. I wish I'd kept my receipt so I could return it.

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Same frustrating issue. I play music from an online radio station app, select the station and press play, close the cover and slide phone in pants pocket. Then the music stops as assume i bump the touch control on the LED cover. Have to take phone out of pocket open cover, press play on the app, close cover, wait 10 or so secs for the audio controls to clear from the cover, then slide phone back into pocket. 

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