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Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ issues, master list


No, its back.


They wrote me back from the management:

"Dear Mr. _____

Thank you very much for your letter, which we received from the Samsung management for further processing.

We regret that you and some other users are dissatisfied with our Galaxy S10. We want to constantly improve the quality of our products. Therefore we are very grateful that you took the time for a feedback.

We will gladly forward your criticism to the development department in Korea.

The Galaxy S10's integrated ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the display is a powerful security technology that is also used in safes. To achieve this high level of security and prevent attempts to compromise the unlocking method with copies of a fingerprint, for example, Samsung has rigorously tested the process.

We assure our customers that we will act immediately if at any time a potential vulnerability is identified in our products.

In addition, all Samsung users have the option to contact our technical support if they have a problem with their device.

Despite the inconvenience, we wish you a pleasant week."


Pishest response ever?


And while we are at it...............why in the name of f can we not use the wide and zoom lenses in "pro" mode?


What is pro about that?


Sweet holy moses this is amazing

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Agreed. Specially camera is really bad. Im sick and tired of it and i can even put gcam on because i have exynos variant

I own the exynos S10+. The camera app is terrible. Photos sucks even after two camera software updates compared to other falgship phones even from 2017.

Samsung is not responding to these threads since all they care is money and not the community.

I was stupid and believed your marketing ***** and paid 1000€ for it. Unfortunately
I cannot return it now.

This is the last Samsung phone i've bought for me or my family.

Has it been fixed with android 10 update?

OP, please copy paste this to the SUGGESTIONS thread. Very nicely done!
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