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Samsung Android 10 problems


Just wanted to add my thoughts on the Android 10 update as may be of help to some people.

I purchased last Sunday the Samsung S10+ 512Gb Ceramic edition. During setup and after copying over all of my content from my previous handset the phone had a 1.3Gb Android 9 update which I applied. No sooner had that download been installed the Android 10 update (almost 2Gb) appeared. This was downloaded and installed followed by the 128Mb patch.

All good I thought - all updates downloaded and phone setup perfectly to my taste. That was as good as it got - the following day the battery drain on the phone was horrific - after leaving home at 7.30am with the battery on 100% by 10.30am this had already dropped to 68%. By 2pm the battery had dropped to 40% and then around 4.30pm it was on just 15% - all of this with just moderate / normal use of the phone.

I was at the point ofboxing the phone up and returning it for a refund!   Anyway that was clearly a knee jerk reaction - a quick google and trawl around a few pages and I found this forum thread. Initially I tried the Clear cache suggestion and this really didn't seem to resolve the drastic battery drain. So factory rest it was then!!

Now don't get me wrong this was a massive pain in the you know what as I'd already spent quite a few hours getting everything setup but thought it was worth a try. So I copied all of my content back to my old android phone (which I had already factory reset ready for selling on ebay!) then factory reset the S10+ and then copied everything back again and started setting the phone up again to my taste. I charged the S10+ back up up to 100% and went to bed (last night) as it was late.

When I woke up this morning it had lost 6% overnight which seemed fine. I topped it back up to 100% and left for work at 7.30am - at 11.48am the battery was on 81%. In comparison the day before by 10.30am it had already dropped to 68%. That was with mobile data, wifi and location all turned on, downloaded an album and listened to music for around 40 minutes, checked email and Facebook etc- just standard normal use.

By 3.52pm the phone was on 69% - remember the day before it had already dropped to 68% by 10.30am!

By 9.30pm the level was 43%

It's now 10.40pm as I type and the battery is still on 38% - in other words what you would expect for normal smartphone usage.  During the day I made phone calls totalling 2 hours 30 minutes, downloaded an album and listened to music for around an hour using USB-C noise cancelling headphones, downloaded a number of apps from the play store, spent around 30 mins on WhatsApp, checked emails, bit of Google Chrome web surfing and checked a bunch of apps - total screen time 3 hrs 15mins.

So to cut a long story short and apologies for the length of this post..... I'm in no doubt that performing a factory rest has resolved the horrendous battery drain I experienced after installing Android 10. Yes it was a lot of work to do it but in my opinion it is totally worth the hassle!

Right back to finishing getting my phone setup and back to where it was - oh and then to test tomorrow what the battery drain is like when connected via Bluetooth to my my Active 2 watch - fingers crossed the battery drain when using Bluetooth all day won't be too bad!

Hi,if I was you then I would wait until the S20 comes out because it would me cheaper than the S10 and much more bigger battery.

Yeah.. makes me wish we could roll backwards..

Or not have updates force on our phones.

Kinda rapey Samsung.


Battery drain will be different from person to person... There is no answer to how much battery drain should there be.


Nobody knows exactly what apps people have running in the background. And if one has tons of the crappy social media apps running then your battery drain will be high.

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I found the solution I bought iPhone 11 max pro .
Samsung just make so many mistakes epic fails ... s10 plus =rubbish

I have been having several issues since the s10 update, and I'm curious to see if anyone else is having similar problems or has solutions to any of them. I've trying to find some information and haven't really found anything useful so far. I haven't noticed any faster battery drain than normal, but some of the issues I'm seeing include: 


- Not getting Google reminders. When I use the voice assistant to set a reminder or even manually set a reminder in the Google app, nothing happens when the reminder time comes. This feature has always been spotty using a location reminder (almost never worked), but now it won't even work if I ask it to remind me at a specific time. This is a huge problem for me, as I use reminders frequently. 

- Not getting push notifications from certain applications. The most notable for me is DUO Mobile app to connect to my work VPN. I used to get a push notification on my phone to verify my VPN sign in from my laptop, but now I have to physically go into the application to see the notification. This is happening for a couple other applications that I can't think of at the moment. 

- Sound randomly dimming. I have a Bixby routine set to turn the volume all the way up when I open certain applications. That part is working, but then while I'm using the app, the sound will randomly dim itself by half, and I have to manually turn it up again. The sound also seems to get jacked up a bit when playing Spotify, but it usually corrects itself after a few seconds.

- Certain applications crashing or not functioning properly during use. The ones I notice this the most are Spotify and FB Messenger. On Spotify, Songs will randomly start over without clicking anything, and sometimes when I pause the music, it stops for a few seconds but then restarts playing by itself. On FB Messenger, sometimes my video calls randomly drop. 


There are probably more, but these are the big ones that I can think of off the top of my head. Some of these seem related to 3rd party apps, so maybe it's just that these apps aren't fully compatible yet with Android 10, but I'd really like to see these issues resolved. I've never had so many problems with an update like this before.



Just bought a galaxy s10 three months ago after 10 years of apple and I'm selling it and going back to apple because it's been nothing but glitches out of the box and completely unreliable. Tired of guessing what features will work and when...this is the worst OS ever.


I've had android 10 with One UI 2.0 over a month now.I've noticed that my battery life got significantly worse than Android 9.There's also a lag when you switch between apps,when you open apps and when you use full screen gestures.You don't really expect that with a 8GB ram phone do you?If you compare it with Google pixel 4 or 3,the full screen gesture gestures feels much more smoother than S10.Everyday I always discover new bugs and it's been over a month now and none of these bugs has been fixed yet.Why can't Samsung investigate this issue and fix is ASAP?Why do we need to wait so long for a update to fix these bugs?Why Can't Samsung release updates more often so then users don't have to wait for ages for an update.I understand that Samsung releases updates in batches but Samsung needs to fix these issues ASAP.Alot of people are dealing with this issue and yet Samsung hasn't fixed any issues.The One UI 2.0 is great but it needs alot of improvement for smoother user interface.

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I have been facing the same problem after android 10

Samsung should implement more software suppourt.They dont have to be like apple. They suppourt their customer like 4-5years

I just want atleast 3years of software suppourt beacuse phones are getting really expensive these days.

They must fix the android 10 battery issue for S10+(exynos).



And there lies my pointi hate hate hate the forced upgrades by Samsung on my S10 5 G, because they don't fix anything.


My battery just went from 8%, notified it dropped to 5 % in two minutes then 30 seconds later the phone switches off!


Will be calling Samsung Tomo and taking the phone in for an inspection and a replacement battery otherwise I will give the phone back to them.


S10 has been a pretty dissapointing phone. Still rate my S9 over this one.

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