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S10e Makes a Slight Rattling Sound on Max Vibration Intensity

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I purchased a Galaxy S10e a few days ago and all is well except for when the phone is plaecd on vibrate mode for notifications and on max vibration intensity, when a notification or a call is received the vibration also makes a small rattle sound that occurs near the camera area. If I place the vibration intensity on one level lower the rattle is not audible whatsoever.  I have a note 8 and it does not occur on it just on the S10e. I just want to know if this warrants a visit to the servcing center to seek out a repair or if anyone could explain why this is happening I would be very grateful.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @thejuuj. Might be worth popping into a Service Centre but if you have recently purchased it, you could contact the retailer regarding a replacement. 

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Same issue here. Did you take it to service?
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