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S10 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner visible in sunlight.

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its the same case with huawei mate 20 pro as well ,in s10 it is small rectangular box visible whereas in the case of mate 20 pro is big square centered under scanner. i regret trading in my note 9


I have now had my s10 plus out in bright sunlight and it shows the outline of the scanner 




Bitten by first gen buddy :(


Hello guys I can see my fingerprint scanner I messaged support they said get a replacement.


I rang local Samsung store they was in about replacing the sensor.

No need for me to replace if any phone as I cant really go without a phone need it for work any advice? Is it on everyone's phone?

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Apparently So, Especially noticable on white. bright Backgrounds. Haven't looked myself, as I'd keep looking and drive myself nuts. But apparently it is a common thing.


Sorry to say bud, but it is on every single one.......despite what some people say.


I pulled Samsung on this and they have told me it is "fine" and that was how it was.


Samsung told me to turn the brightness down when outside. It is laughable and anyone who says otherwise has their head in the sand or are sooooooooooo fanboi, it hurts to accept it.


To quote a DM i have from Samsung:


"Hey Andrew! Your phone is not defective. As fingerprint sensor is attached in this area under the display, the sensor may be visible to you in strong light. ^TR"


Its not fine.


It quite terrible actually on a 1k phone. The compromises that people are making to justify this is hilarious.


Aside from the horrific camera, this was what made me return the device. This cannot be fixed and no replacement will address it I am afraid buddy.





ok thank you very much I'll save the journey and hassle then.

Very disappointed if I'm honest wish I kept my s9 plus


Sorry to have bore that bad news buddy.


I was able to return mine and go back to my smashed S7 Edge I still had


And to be honest, I am a million times happier about that.


Wish you had a similar way out mate.


All because you can see the finger print sensor on the odd occasion your in bright and direct sunlight. Sounds to me like someones making an excuse to return something they couldnt afford.  


Edit: If this is on all device it is not classified as a flaw/problem. It does not effect the use of the device in any way.


Navigator have no idea whether I can afford it or not dude. 


Yes, it was the main reason I returned it as being someone who likes to take photos outside (you know, seeing as indoor performance of the camera is horrific) it would annoy me forever.


Also, had I known it would be visible to that extent in advance, I wouldn't have bought the phone. Simple. 


To be clear, I live in Northern Ireland and the only version of sunlight we have is watery, grey *****. I could see it in that. Not just "bright" sunlight.


Do i feel like I am missing out going back to my S7 Edge? No.


No part of the S10 blew me away coming from the S7 Edge I am afraid. 


You keep convincing yourself that it is "fine" as Samsung says. Carry along with the crowd there.



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