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S10 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner visible in sunlight.

This is the same I'm returning mine completely but the problem I then have is what phone do I get instead

Hmm what about S9 or Note9? Maybe Huaweii Mate Pro 20? 


Mate 20 Pro is the prime candidate as far as specs go..............toe to toe with the S10


Also, P30 Pro is on its way in a couple of weeks and I would expect it to create serious issues for Samsung


I traded in my note 9 for the s10 so don't really want to get another one again considering I paid a substantial amount to upgrade in the first place and was told I can't get my upgrade fee back. I am looking at the Huawei mate pro 20 as I can't really wait around for the 30 to come out as I need a phone 


When was this posted?


So aside from the fact that we can see the scanner (which is now specifically mentioned)....Samsung are now starting that we might have to moisturize to make the scanner work. Or that it won't work if your hands are wet. Or if it's hot. Or if it's cold.


None. NONE of this is good.

I can't find the date when it's posted but if you searching on Samsung homepage is it one of the latest post. I can't find it on my language so I guess they translating this post right now...
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I noticed my sensor through the screen since day one when I got the early release of the s10. At first it did not bother me but now that I think about what I paid for the phone, it's become more prominent and noticeable and something that cant be unseen Haha. What a drag!


Ahhh man I feel for you. I was the same. returned mine and got the 3xl instead. So far not disappointed. 


Same, ditched mine and went back to smashed screen S7 edge


I dont mind making a few compromises with new tech..........but not when the product is a £1000 flagship and those compromises are ALL around the phones main selling points.


- Fingerprint reader : flawed. Too slow. Too picky. Affects the screen

- Camera : destroyed by the competition from LAST year

- Battery : really meh

- Screen : no longer a stand out and to think that the fingerprint sensor is visible in daylight is "fine" is quite simply the thickest thing i have EVER heard. Not long ago, phones were being absolutely slain for having slighly warmer coloured screens or light bleed etc. This is more visible than any of those on EVERY S10 I have looked at (11 to be exact to date) Rest assured, had it been made public that you would see it on the screen before it went on sale, the hype would have disappeared quicker than it already has. 


It guts me to say it. 


But it really was not the stand out flagship I wanted and Samsung needed.


I suspect that Huawei/Xiaomi are going to maximise this and do damage in a few weeks :/

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