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S10 ultrasonic fingerprint scanner visible in sunlight.


The answare frome Samsung in US-forum. Skjermbilde 2019-03-12 kl. 18.06.29.png


And its not an answer.


That is desparation and things like this have ended in tears before.


Remember the isolated cases of phones bursting into flames? Soon wasn't isolated.


I am guessing that they have worked out that this impacts every. single. S10 and they are now hurrying to convince the world that it is ok


It is NOT OK and most people are within the cooling off period of their contracts i would guess. 


This could be messy for Samsung and taking this line is not cool as we can just shout louder and farther.


When something like this gets traction, thats it




In Norway we get our money back if the product does not comply with the product description. In my case this issue was not informed before I buyed the phone so I will probably get my money back. But it's still a huge problem to Samsung known as the brand with the "best" screens in the marked. 


Just picked up a replacement from carphone warehouse and it has an identical issue....


I paid a substantial  amount to early upgrade so I am not happy. Not even sure where I go from here.


This is an absolute corker.


This is not going to go away despite Samsung's best efforts


Is this only for S10 models? 


I genuinely cant see it on my s10+ on full brightness and on a white background 


Mine is an S10 so I cannot speak for plus owners bud.


And i do not know if it is every single one.


I think the key here is under sunlight when the phone is compensating for the brightness increase accordingly.


That would be even better actually if it wasn't all devices seeing as Samsung said it is normal.


S10+ too


It must be a select batch I guess?? 


I cant see on mine and would be thought some of the Youtuber reviewers would pick on that.


If I do  notice it in the coming days when in sunlight I'll post an update 


Today Samsung Norway answered. They think this problem is normal and can't be fixed.