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S10+ slow and sluggish

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ok, to avoid having you a hard reset first please do the following.

Go into settings applications->one ui home->archiviation->clear data. You will have to put all the icons back and probabl also the wallpaper so do a screenshot of your pages to put everything like it was before.

Then power off the device, press the volume app and bixby key and then the power button, keep all 3 buttons pressed, you will boot into recovery, navigate to wipe cache partition and select and run it (ALTERT the voice before is the hard reset do not accidentally trigger that).


This should hopefuly solve, if it doesn't a hard reset is the only choice then.

Let me know mate

have a nice evening


Hi Archer,


Thanks for the reply.


After doing a bit of digging on the net before I posted here there was a post about clearing the cache partition which I have done already. I have also tried uninstalling apps and also going into the safe mode with not much luck. After all this, with no luck, I have factory reset the phone and probably spent a good day getting things back the way I had it but still, it lags.

After reading a few posts it does like there the last update has a few flaws in there but I'm no expert. I have reported it to Samsung but we will have to see if there is a patch for this in the next months' update.🤔🤔

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