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S10 plus getting hot


Just for the  record I have a S10e.


Same with mine. Howncan we fix it, i know this is not normal. This might have same issues with note7


Mine only gets really hot when talking


Yes having same problem.. phone is hot. Seems to happen when charge is getting low


Mine used to get hot when I am using whatsapp or facebook messenger app. I wouldn't call it a fix, but by setting power mode to:


- High Performance 

- Adaptive power saving TURN OFF


My S10 never gets that hot as compared to previous. Not sure if its just my feeling, feel free to try out.



ok, guys but please tell me what was the temperatures  ? mine s10 while charging is 39 and while using facebook off the charge is like 33 - for me its too hot the s9 plus was 26 ,27 . Maybe could it be caused by phone learning of me ? 


I have te s10 form 5 days now. 

factory reset has been made, no backup restored , gps ,nfc ,always on disp all those are turned off. I am using only wifi bt and lte.

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I have the same problem! I was talking through messenger on camera and it overheated to 117'F / 47'C degrees!!!




Even when using camera to take photos it gets so hot! It's burning my hands, every day it's warm for no reason. It's never colder than 86'F / 30'C




No warning message, no nothing, I get scared it's going to explode so I turn it off. And then I charge it and it sill gets warm! 




I took it two times to samsung care! And guess what they did - told me it's NORMAL!




I insisted and they took it and reinstalled sysetem and told me everything was fine. Which changed nothing! 


I already reinstalled it myself and did no backup




Hate samsungs attention when they are looking at me like I'm crazy! Hate this new expensive phone that burns my hands everyday! 

This is definitely abnormal bcoz Samsung said that the normal temperature for smartphone is between 0 to 35 degrees
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I am having this issue.    The phone has been having internet connectivity issues.  Goes on roaming every so often and says I have no service.    Only really works if I'm on wifi.  I have to literally put the phone up to my ac vent in the car to get it to cool down.  I chatted with Sprint agent and they had me change some settings on my device but it started doing all of the listed  above

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