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S10 plus getting hot



My s10 plus is getting very hot when using it and charging it , 

Is anyone else having this issue? 

I'm sure the metal sides are not helping either conducting heat 

I have updated the software before anyone asks ...

Every phone is like that. You're causing heat by using it and you're causing heat by charging it. Do both together and guess what... you cause more heat. 


My s8 was the same. If I use wireless charging on my tablet and use it at the same time, within an hour I'm unable to touch the back of it cause it's that's hot (have done this a few times by forgetting about it, try not to do it because it can't be good for it).


Let your phone charge for a bit without using it, do something else then when you do go to use it, take it off the charger. 


Mate is burning my hand 

This is not right and I've never had a Samsung that gets this hot , I've had every model 


It getting hot when off the charger too to be clear...


Ah sorry, you didn't say that. 


What are you using it for when it gets hot? Normal usage or pushing the boundaries?


Best solution? Pour some oil on it and cook yourself a fry :p 


Just normal usage , browsing, Facebook etc

Nothing too intensive 

New Member

This is worrying! 

Please keep us informed of the outcome. 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Simbcfc1.


As has been mentioned, it is normal for your device to generate some heat whilst in use or charging, particularly if you're doing both things at once. Have a look at this FAQ. However, as you’re having particular concerns, we’d be happy to get someone to call you to look into this. We've sent you a PM.


I'm having the same issue to the point I have to change hands  and i barely use mine  

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