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S10 plus delays

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Hi anyone else had anything similar to this sent recently?

Now have no idea when I'll get the new phone


Hi from EE. We're really sorry, but a manufacturer delay means your Samsung S10 Plus won't arrive on 8th March as expected. We're working with Samsung to get it to you as soon as possible and we'll update you when we know more. From tomorrow, you can track the order using the online tracker at, and as an apology we're adding a £20 credit to your EE account. You can use it as soon as your Samsung S10 has been dispatched. Thanks.

When did you pre order as mines coming tomorrow I pre ordered 26th feb in prism black
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Ordered on 1st, got ceramic white

On Samsung upgrade programme, wife and I are receiving s10+ tomorrow.. Issue must be with EE I'm afraid.
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I'm having the same issue with BB.  They're saying my order is delayed with no explanation or expected arrival date.  I also ordered the Prism white.

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Prism White 512GB s10+ delayed from 3/6-3/8 to 4/1-4/16 by TMB.

Very likely will not get in time to enter buds promo.

EDIT: Just noticed I'm on EU forums, cheers.

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Same problem here. Interesting is, that I have my S10+ already since 8th March, but my girlfirend did not received hers until now. Mine is black, hers is white. What is going on Samsung ? 

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I preorder on the 6 of March mine still hasn't shipped . So aggravated 

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