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S10 plus camera doesnt work

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Today my camera stopped working. I'm on a s10 plus. Mayor update this last night 


When opening the camera app it says error the camera doesn't work 


When opening on Facebook the front facing camera works but not the rear one.


When entering the menu via *#0*# and tries to check the camera it says the same kind of stuff 


Never never dropped the phone its brand new


Worked yesterday 


Tried everything soft reset hard reset canceling app remove cache and data updating g everything 


What happend?


Can you guys help me. Is this related to an update?


Take care 



CarloL Moderator

Hey @Kanefur! Make sure that the phone's software is up to date by heading to: Settings > Software Update > Download Updates Manually. Now, could you run a Hardware Test on the device? Go to: Samsung Members app > Press Get help > Press Interactive checks > Camera. Once completed, please share the results.

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i got my phone early tis month the camera was just working fine but after i updated the phone and tried to use te camera it didnt work at all it kept on saying "Warning camera failed" after i followed eacg and every step of clearing the cache, trying it on safe mode, wiping the partion and lastly reseting the phone and still the camera still says "Warning camera failed"  what could be the problem any suggestions........

AsadM Moderator
Hi @Samuel_1017. Do you also have the Galaxy S10 Plus, or a different phone model? Let's try a Hardware test to see if the issue is present during this. You can check this by going into the Phone app and dial *#0*# > Select 'Mega cam'. Do let us know how you get on during this.

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i have tried it the rear hdr camera its black but when i tap the camera icon below the flashlight is turning on but doing nothing the same with the front ap hdr camera its saying "unable to open camera services"

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what could be the problem
AsadM Moderator
@Samuel_1017: Thanks for giving this a go. Let's try clearing the cache and data from the Camera app. You can do this by going into Settings > Apps > 3 dots in top right > Show system apps > Find and select the app > Storage > Select 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data'.
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yeah i have also tried that and still the camera is not working 

AsadM Moderator
@Samuel_1017: Thanks for confirming. Have you tried a factory reset on your phone?
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yes i have and still the camera isnt working what should i do next


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