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S10 plus autofill bug

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Hello guys,


I have a big problem with my s10 plus . Everytime i hit a text box, the paste and autofill menu appear . 


This is annoying the ***** out of me and im seriously thinking to throw the phone away . I switched from a note 9 and this bug annoys the ***** out of me . 


I tried disabling the google autofill with no result . I saw many people have this issue but they got it fixed with may update . I have the latest update on the s10plus and this still keeps poping . 


Help a guy out and save an s10 plus from beeing broken to piece please . 


I use Lastpass, but I do agree on a device this autofill is extremely annoying..... I selected None, in the settings and mine disappeared.  Did you select "None" in the settings?

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