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S10 plus: Keyboard Disappearing and Jerking/Jumping When Playing a Game/Watching a Video?

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Hi i hope someone can help my s10 plus. when using the keyboard it disappears,  when playing a game/ watching a video it keeps jerking,jumping,slightly fizzing i dont know if its a app or the phone ??? Can someone help please

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Superuser I

Try a soft reboot by turning the phone off and on  @Knightrider41 


If no joy then To see if it's an app causing this I'd suggest to put the phone in Safe Mode which disables your downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working which can help you determine if this is a non stock app.


If it continues in Safe Mode then come out of safe mode and try the Samsung Beta keyboard or another 3rd party one to see if things improve and check there's no pending updates for your keyboard. 


Ultimately a Samsung Experience Store or a Samsung Service Centre can help via a diagnostic 



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How did you resolve this?

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